Are your old blinds busted, broken
or just plain useless?

Keep the Sun Out and Your Home Beautiful with Professional Blind Repairs from the Real Estate Industry’s Preferred Supplier!
The Blind Doctor is your best solution for blind repairs. Here’s why:
  • We can repair virtually any type of blinds in your home. 
  • Most parts you need are ready-to-go in our modern fleet of service vehicles. 
  • All jobs come with a 6-month guarantee 
  • We’re fast. Give us a call today, and we can usually give you a price indication over the phone. 
  • We proudly serve all of South East Queensland, from homes to rental properties, factories to shops and offices. 
  • Budget friendly solutions. We’ll never try to sell you on unnecessary, expensive new blinds if it is worth repairing you already have. 
  • 80% of our business comes from the real estate industry — agents and property managers trust us!
Blinds are both functional and decorative. They control the lighting in our homes, but they can also brighten a room with a stylish image.

Your window treatments are often the final touch on your home’s design. But when your blinds break, that look is tarnished. Often they become useless, and you’re either stuck in the dark or left to bake in the sun!

That’s why we work fast — and guarantee our work.

All you have to do is give us a call, and we’ll give you a free quote over the phone!
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Every Blind. Any Budget
With many years of experience in our small team, our trained and insured technicians offer unparalleled services. We can repair most types of blinds including:
  • Timber Blinds 
  • Vertical Blinds 
  • Venetian Blinds 
  • Roman Blinds 
  • Holland ( Roller ) Blinds 
  • Curtain Tracks 
  • Shutter Blinds and many more
Plus, we offer highly competitive pricing, and you will never be unclear about what you’ll pay. We give you the right quote upfront, with no surprises added on later.
Full Service. From the Phone, to Your Home
We believe that good old-fashioned customer service will never go out of style.
That’s why our fully equipped fleet of service vehicles comes loaded with every part needed to fix virtually any set of blinds.

It all begins with your quick phone call. Once we give you a quote, we’re ready to serve. Our knowledgeable and trained technicians work hard to solve almost any problem imaginable, saving you from unnecessary blind replacements.

Our service is fully insured, and our work is guaranteed.

If we cannot repair your blinds, we will give you an on-site quote for a replacement. Because we cover repairs, replacements, and cleaning, we’re able to provide honest recommendations. We will never push you into a new purchase when a repair will work just fine.

That integrity has won us the trust of the area’s housing professionals and investors.
Preferred by Real Estate Professionals
There’s a reason 80% of our business is dedicated to the real estate agents of the Gold Coast, Tweed Coast, Logan, South Brisbane, and more. Agents trust us with their blinds and curtains.

Even property managers come to us for their blind repairs and cleaning because they know that our service is guaranteed.

When you have a trained technician from The Blind Doctor fix up your blinds, you save yourself from a lot of downfalls:
  • You don’t have to risk further damage to your blinds and windows by trying the repairs yourself or hiring a less professional provider.
  • You get fast service from a trustworthy provider — over 64 years of experience!
  • If you’re selling or renting property, you don’t have to risk losing buyers to poor-looking blinds.
The Blind Doctor is the safe alternative to a DIY project. And with our free quote and guaranteed work, you can’t go wrong. We even give you a 6-month warranty on all our blind repairs, so you can rest assured that the job is done right.
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