Dirty Blinds are easy to see and
hard to clean...

Refresh Your Blinds! Our Ultrasonic Technology Will Brighten Your Blinds with Same-Day Service
Our blind-cleaning service goes beyond the competition. We’re ready to bring your window treatments back to life, and here’s how we do it:
  • Ultrasonic cleaning technology helps remove even microscopic dirt. 
  • Prevent dangerous mould and annoying allergens from entering your air. 
  • Same-day service gets you the clean blinds and evening privacy you need. 
  • Full range of services ensure that you always have more options. 
  • Free quote over the phone lets you make the smarter choice in just minutes. 
  • Save you time by providing you with all the blind and curtain solutions available. 
  • Our many years of experience with blinds gives us unique knowledge of every type of blind.
A clean home is a beautiful home
Your blinds are especially important because natural light draws attention to your windows and window treatments. Whether you’re having guests or showing a house to potential buyers, dirty blinds can be a major problem.

Plus, dust and allergens can enter your home through your windows and stick to your blinds. Over time, these particles end up in the air. You may even have mould growing in the comfy shade of your blinds.

Get the clean, healthy home you deserve, with The Blind Doctor’s superior blind cleaning service. We are fully insured, and trusted by real estate agents and homeowners alike all throughout South East Queensland.

Plus, we offer same-day service with free pickup and return, so you can have your blinds and your privacy back by the evening.

Managing a property can be time-consuming. But there’s no need to add to your workload or take on the risk of trying to clean your tenant’s blinds. With The Blind Doctor, you get the power of unbeatable cleaning, without the hassle.
Ultrasonic and Super-friendly
The Blind Doctor’s cleaning service is unique, but not just because of our same-day turnaround.

Our ultrasonic cleaner does what no human can :- sound wave are transmitted through a water bath creating millions of tiny bubbles which implode on the surface of the blinds releasing dirt and grime in a very gentle and thorough fashion. It’s just one part of our professional cleaning facility, but it’s a critical element to our process.

But we don’t just rely on machines. Our technicians are truly blind and curtain experts. They know how to clean dirt, stains, mould, and dust the right way, clearing away the unwanted mess without damaging your blinds.

The end result is an unbelievably deep and thorough clean.
Plus, we remove virtually every unwanted particle from your blinds, including:
  • Dirt and debris.
  • Potentially dangerous mould.
  • Stains and imperfections.
  • Dust and allergens.
Sometimes, old blinds will become thoroughly damaged, and the cleaning process won’t fix the underlying problem. If that’s ever the case, we’ll give you a free quote to repair or replace your old set with a stylish option from our wide range.

That’s because our full-service operation allows us to give you the right recommendation at the right price. Our personable and trained technicians will gladly guide you with expert design advice.

Don’t wreck your beautiful blinds by accidentally using the wrong cleaning methods. Leave it to The Blind Doctor! Our highly experienced technicians are ready to serve you today.
Our Full-Service Guarantee
Not all stains can be removed. Some are simply impossible to get out.

However, we do guarantee that our ultrasonic cleaner and highly trained technicians are your best bet for any set of blinds. We will be sure to use the absolute best cleaning methods so that your blinds remain in the same working condition in which we received them.

If something cannot be cleaned to your satisfaction, we will gladly help you choose a new set of blinds from our wide selection of stylish blinds, including Vertical Blinds, Timber Venetians, Roman Blinds, Shutter Blinds and much, much more.

Our service is so comprehensive, we can meet the needs of any homeowner. That’s our guarantee to you.

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